Address of Russian citizens to the participants of the Russia-Africa Summit, the Administration of the Red Sea Province, the Director of company Red Sea Pearl Mohammed Desouki


!Ladies and gentlemen

We, Russian citizens who invested in the construction of the Venice complex of the Doriss Land project (Egypt, Hurghada) and have been trying to get apartments in this complex for about ten years

Our appeal is addressed to the participants of the Russia-Africa Summit; Administration of the Red Sea Province; Director of company Red Sea Pearl, a real estate seller, Mohammed Desouki

On the eve of the Russia-Africa Summit, show us how you can to solve our problems, without loading the judicial system in Egypt, and peacefully solve the problems of private investors

We ask for assistance in completing the construction of the Venice complex of the Doriss Land project (now: ONDE HURGHADA COMPOUND), in which our money has been invested so that no courts can stop this process

We also hope for help in fixing for us purchased apartments in this complex and obtaining official documents confirming the rights of owners
We thank in advance and look forward to official confirmation from the Egyptian authorities that the interests of Russian citizens will not be impaired in the upcoming construction

Recall our story
In 2010, we bought apartments from the director of Red Sea Pearl, Mohammed Desouki. We invested our money in the construction of a mini-city with our infrastructure in the north of Hurghada.
A large investor and developer from Russia, the Doriss company in Cheboksary (Russia), was involved in the construction

In 2014, at the stage of landscaping and finishing of apartments, construction stopped. The reason for the stop was numerous litigation over the legality of the sale of land for the project. Disputes last for more than one year and have not ended so far.

The developer from Russia, in complete disappointment and with great losses, left the project

The decisions of the courts in our cases are contradictory
By the decision of the Supreme Court, the land became the property of the Administration of the Red Sea Province, and by the decision of the District Court in Cairo, it belongs to the Cooperative of the National Guard


The interests of Russian buyers in the courts are not taken into account. Lawyers cannot figure out who currently owns the land and buildings

Russian buyers want to consolidate the purchased apartments through negotiations with the new owner of land and buildings

To this end, in the summer of 2019, we, as buyers of real estate in Hurghada, addressed through the Russian Embassy in Egypt to the Administration of the Red Sea Province

However, for three months we did not receive an answer
At the moment, positive shifts have been outlined in solving our problem.
The construction of the complex resumes. BUT we are worried about new circumstances in our cases, namely:

The Venice complex has been renamed ONDE HURGHADA COMPOUND, where apartment sales have already begun
However, we still have not received official confirmation either from the Administration of the Red Sea Province or from the seller of apartments Mohammed Desouki that the apartments we bought are assigned to us, and we will soon receive documents for them

Our appeals addressed to them remain unanswered. The seller of apartments in the Venice complex of the Doriss Land project, which is renamed ONDE HURGHADA COMPOUND, Mohammed Desouki, does not communicate with us, customers and customers of his company

We are sure that the Administration of the Red Sea Province will assist us, as private Russian investors, and we will finally receive not only real estate certificates, but also the apartments themselves, the construction of which we invested in 2010

We also hope that this time, under the supervision of the public and the Provincial Administration, the completion of the complex will not last for many years, and all obligations will be fulfilled by the promised time

Russian citizens, customers of company Red Sea Pearl

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