Rotary Clubs Celebrate The Launch Of The First Floating Hospital In The Middle East


Araby Ahmed


Coinciding with the 90th anniversary of the founding of Rotary Egypt, in which a lot of community service work was done in all its categories and its active contribution to development and construction through voluntary and social work in the Egyptian street.
After a year of work and coordination between the different regions, the region was led by 2451 Governor of the region Abdulhamid Al-Awa, who thanked the Minister of Health for attending the opening of the first floating hospital to support the Egyptian child and his carers This project was conducted under the general supervision of the Chairman of the Mega Project Engy Munib
Which will tour the Upper Egypt governorates from Aswan to Giza.
The event was attended by the President of the Rotary Club of Heliopolis, Michael Nassif, and many of the Rotary club heads, including Rida Al-Qudsy, President of the Rotary Club of El oroba, Heba El-Korashy the President of Rotary Cairo capital and the president of Rotary International poli Rasin. Also attended by Sherief Wali the next governor of rotary and Osama Al-Ahmar governor after the next and also attended by General /Ahmed Ibrahim Governor of Aswan in the atmosphere of the celebrations of


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