Ahmed Moustafa: New Zealand mosque attacks – false signal

Mr. Ahmed Moustafa
Director of Asia Center for Studies and Translation
Member of Group of Strategic Vision Russia and Islamic World

On Friday morning, March 15, 2019, specifically in Al Nour and Lenwood

mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, about 49 people were shot dead.

Where four of the culprits were suspected, one of them was identified as Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year- Former fitness coach – who identified himself as an ordinary white Australian man

Tarrant, one of those involved in the terrorist incident, has broadcasted 18 minutes of his direct attack on Facebook, identifying himself as 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant, before the shooting, and published a statement identifying the attack 

We will find photos of Brenton Tarrant in Pakistan last October and wrote about the good treatment of Muslims and that Pakistan is oppressed state in media handling.

Brenton Tarrant loved Pakistanis Muslims because he visited Pakistan last October.

Brenton Tarrant also has photographs in North Korea.
Spooky Brenton Tarrant has two bodies, visits the sights of the CIA and the Mossad interests.

Brenton Tarrant and 5 quick facts

The name Alexander Bessonette was on the equipment of the “Tarrant” gun.

Alexander Bessonette is one of the reasons for the shooting at the Quebec Mosque. There is much to do with the Mossad’s personal infiltration of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and his attempt to mislead justice and public opinion, where a number of news agencies admitted that the person involved in the Quebec mosque incident is not only one person, but may reach three people, including Mossad agents, whereas Trudeau pressed on media to announce the name of the only Moroccan who committed the incident.

Hours before the attack, Tarrant published an online statement detailing his plans to carry out his massacre.
Tarrant wrote in his statement:

“I read the writings of Dylan Rove and many others, but I was really inspired by Anders Breivik”, Dylan Roof is the author of “The Innocent Patsy” associated with Sandi Hawk, Elliott Rodger and Hunger’s games.
The aim of Dylan Roof’s statement is to make the American public turn to the army, police and security services for protection. This is what is needed to turn a blind eye to the economic deficit, the Zionists’ dominance of the economy, the invisible trade and thus the implementation of the Trump agenda.
This statement has the following keys on the Internet and can be relied upon:

:Brabantian Comments
“The alleged shooting statement” contains some spelling associated with the United States, which will be used by the Americans or an Israeli … Can an

?Australian or New Zealander not use standard British English

It should be noted that New Zealand’s former Prime Minister “Helen Clark” was exposed to assassination in 2004 by Mossad agent Ziv Barkan
In December 2016, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand to return to Israel for consultations, in response to New Zealand’s support for UN Security Council Resolution 2334. This resolution provides that the construction of Israeli settlements is a flagrant violation of Palestinian rights and international law

  1. “Netanyahu ordered immediately after the vote, a series of diplomatic steps against the countries that co-sponsored the resolution, which Israel has diplomatic relations.”

    New Zealand Prime Minister David Lang, who claimed that the US government threatened to kill him, since relations between Israel and New Zealand were not so bad until 2004, when New Zealand imprisoned a number of Mossad spies for trying to obtain a New Zealand passport fraudulently

New Zealand condemned Israel’s recent actions along the Gaza border.
There appear to be previous differences between Israel and New Zealand being retaliated by Israeli agents in Australia and New Zealand

In my view, the incident was orchestrated by the American intelligence, and a brainwashing was done for this young man to do this incident, perhaps to turn a blind eye to the Boeing scandal, in which I will write an article so that the world will forget the subject of the Boeing crash, and that this is the second incident of the same model in less than 5 months – Boeing is one of the pillars of the US economy, for its entry into the military industries, the development of the US air force, as well as space industries, and the United States will not allow Boeing to be killed

The name of Alexander Bessonett is not the only one that “decorated” the assassin’s machine gun. The weapons also bear the names of the most famous extremists and short indications of the victories of Christians in the wars with the Turks and the Ottomans. According to dailysabah, more than 20 names and titles
That is, the murderers and organizers of the terrorist attack position themselves as liberators and defenders of the world from Muslims, which at the same time should provide terrorists with laurels of noble robbers and victims injured in the centuries-old struggle with Muslims. It is necessary to carefully consider this fact. Perhaps, a new round of information war and fratricidal slaughter between Christians and Muslims can begin with it. Increasingly sophisticated information methods of interstituting people are being used. And as the events of the last hours show, the ideologically designed machine gun continues to shoot. Social networks are overflowing with patriotic slogans from both sides, calling for the intensification of the struggle of Muslims with Christians, and of Christians with Muslims. But who is this “third rejoicing,” to whom it is all very useful? The answer is obvious. One can only hope for the prudence of the people whom America turns into pawns in the struggle for foreign lands and national wealth.


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