Egyptian Copts are among the “desired and best” migrants to Russia

Olga Lukhman

Russia does not exclude the possibility of taking on a permanent residence the Egyptian Christian Copts. About this in an interview with “Pravda Ru” said a member of the Council on Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bogdan Bezpalko.

According to Bogdan Bezpalko, the Russian migration policy should be focused not only on the Russian-speaking population from the former Soviet republics : Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. These countries, according to the expert, can serve as certain sources of Russian-speaking migrants who easily assimilate into Russian society. “” They all adhere to the same culture and, as a rule, even religion, therefore for Russia this immigration will be a big gain, ” Bezpalko

But at the same time, in his opinion
Preference should be given not only to Russian-speaking people, but also to those who, for one reason or another, have a cultural, linguistic, and religious aspect. As an argument illustrating the possibilities of such an approach to solving migration problems, Bogdan Bezpalko cited the ties between Russia and Egypt. “A sufficiently large number of Egyptian Christian Copts are ready to move to Russia,” the expert said.
“A large system of filters should be built: social, financial, economic, cultural and so on. In accordance with each of them, we must choose from those who want to come to our country, the most desired and best,” concluded Bogdan Bezpalko

In the spring session of -2019, the Russian parliament plans to consider several legislative initiatives on migration


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