The legendary Julian Assange is taken into custody

Olga Lukhman

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is taken into custody at a police station in central London. This was reported in the British police

Julian Assange is a legendary programmer who in 2010 published confidential documents of the US Department of State, secret materials about the actions of the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan
Assange was hiding in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since June 2012, and since that time has never left the building.
WikiLeaks writes that Ecuador refused Assange asylum. Assange himself did not leave the embassy building. The police were let in by the Ambassador of Ecuador (!!!)

In an interview with, well-known publicist Israel Shamir, who was personally acquainted with Assange, shared his version of what was happening, and also spoke about the significance of Wikileaks publications today

– You know personally Assange – what are his main qualities, in your opinion? What helped him to be so brave?

“Courage is a quality, like growth, beauty, or hair color … Somehow people are born with it

He had a difficult childhood. He changed 40 schools, traveling with his mother to the Australian provinces – all this was not easy. In adolescence, he became a young hacker. The road was his own, but understandable – and then he came to the conclusion that we need to help people find out what the government is really up to. He had such a driving idea.

– Now they publish a lot of information about villains in the US (and not only), but they still remain in power, running for president, etc. Is the publication in the spirit of WIkileaks now that can really change something?

– Still, the information changes something. Look, Clinton did not become president – and if Assange did not publish her dispatches, information on Democrats, then maybe she would be right now

WikiLeaks has already made a statement and accused Ecuador of violating international law. Assange faces extradition to the United States and at least 5 years in prison


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