The Swedish exchange company (Forex) in their Helsinki-based branch in critical plight would lead to its bankruptcy


Written by Wael Farrar

One of the prominent and expatriate Arab businessmen in Finland, known for his financial and commercial integrity has suffered from serious financial damages as a result of dealing with one of the Swedish exchange companies in Helsinki.
Three years ago, the businessman filed an application to replace a sum of a damaged currency worth for 17 thousand dollars. Surprisingly, the company’s employee and instead of giving an approval- or refusal answer, they adopted inappropriate measures out their prejudgments on his Arabic-origin. These measures, which had ignored all of human right values, including but limiting to detaining him, calling the police to take him into custody. Consequently, these actions led to the disabling of his ongoing businesses and operations, and ultimately led to the loss of millions of dollars, not mentioning the psychological damages that he and all of his family members have encountered both inside and outside Finland.
After two-years investigations, the judiciary has declared him innocent and dropped all accusations against him, knowing that the businessman resides in Finland and hold Finnish citizenship for over thirty years.
We here confirm that he was one of the most main supporters to attract big Arab investors into Finland to establish several projects amounted for millions, however, the matter has taken another turn, having the company addressed such a bizarre behavior by jeopardizing its operations, and also destabilizing its customers’ trust in Finland.
What is happing in Finland (the country of peace)? We are here just wondering why such discrimination has happened, when especially, all of historians and writers have described Finland as the land of peace and charm? ….. And as an apposed response for such an attitude, several Arab consultants and experts in both international and financial affairs are going to take all the necessary deterrent measures against this company. We also emphases that the desire is not to seek compensations per se but is to suppress the spirit of ethnic persecution that the company has adopted. And we are going to be following the detail of this case until the right is restored.


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