The journalists of the site “Egypt” received threats after the publication of an article about the Egyptian lovelace Ali Baba


Olga Lukhman

The article “Egyptian Ali Baba and his woman” by Olga Lukhman, published on the website “Egypt” in June 2019, caused a great resonance in the hotel business community of Hurghada

The owner of one of the hotels in the Red Sea province mentioned in the article called the newspaper’s editorial office and demanded to remove the hotel’s name. Since this, according to him, threatens the reputation of his business, he also threatened to contact the police about this fact

Recall that the article describes the love affairs of scuba diving instructor Ali Aboulfadl Badawy (Ali Aboulfadl Badawy, from the city of Kawser (Quseir)

A criminal case was initiated against him into the beating of German citizen Annette Hidrovska (Annette Hidrovska). At the moment, the victim Ali Baba is also trying to legally prove the fact of fraud and misappropriation of a car and land purchased with the money from Annette

Here is a fragment of the article that caused the anger of the hotel owner

Annette Hidrovska from Germany is one of those women whose picture was in the collection of the loving Ali Baba

At the end of 2014, I arrived in Egypt with my teenage children. We were looking forward to a relaxing stay at the R. B. hotel, says Annette

So, almost five years ago, Anette’s life changed her course

Like many other tourists, Annette met at the resort with Ali Baba. But he paid her special attention. Before leaving, the instructor invited Annette and her children to their hometown of Quseir. And then they all had dinner together with his family from Aswan 

Immediately, we note that the article does not say exactly which resort Annette met with the fraudster. (Like many other tourists, Annette met Ali Baba at the resort.)  It’s not entirely clear why a businessman decided that this was his hotel. Maybe he found out in the photos with Ali Baba and women the beach of his hotel? But why then, if Ali Baba did not work and did not live there, he was on the beach of this hotel?  Who let him go there?

The editors have a lot of questions. But the claims of the owner of the hotel to the editorial staff of “Egypt” have no basis. This will prove any lawyer

However, we nevertheless decided to meet the wishes of the hotel owner and set only the initials of the hotel name. But not because the journalists of “Egypt” are afraid of the police, with the help of which the hotel owner is trying to intimidate us

We live in a free country and honestly do our job. By the way, the work of a journalist who conducts a journalistic investigation when collecting facts for an article on a criminal topic is also very similar to the work of a policeman.

We are not afraid of the police, because we are not scammers, we are not deceiving anyone and do not hunt for other people’s money and other people’s property

We just decided that the owner of the hotel is an honest man and he, like many decent people, condemns men who want to live at the expense of women. Therefore, he does not want anyone, even mistakenly, to associate the name Ali Baba with his business

The editorial staff of Egypt also hopes that publishing articles on this topic will help the Egyptian society to clear itself, which is losing its reputation among foreign citizens due to the many similar cases described in the article Egyptian Ali Baba and his woman

Yes, reputation is expensive. The one who forgets about it, one day he may find himself in a situation where people, upon seeing such a person, do not greet him and go to the other side of the street



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