Ahmed Moustafa: Dirty Missions in Gulf and Bahrain conference


As soon as things calmed down between Iran and the United States, and as we expected the failure of all the escalation of the Zionist entity and the regimes of Al Saud and Zayed to push America into an unknown war with Iran, it will cost at least 4 trillion dollars, which will be a ruin on the global economy, which has suffered 14 trillion since 2001 to date, in the so-called war on terrorism, emerged by all of America, Britain, Israel and the Saudi regime, whereas the latest evidence thereof was the leaks of Hillary Clinton, as well as Al-Otaiba the UAE ambassador to the United States.

After the United States has recognized the possibility of holding a summit with Iran without any preconditions – and after the attention of the international media, to the so-called Bahrain Conference to finance “the rejected” deal of the century, which will be held later this month, which the Palestinian factions originally refused to participate, because it is a kind of shame and scandal, considering it as a kind of sale and waiving of land, unfortunately.

Because this deal comes on the necks of our brothers from Palestine, especially with the presence of an inexperienced American president, completely biased to the Zionist entity, in an event unprecedented in history, and he is even controlled by his son-in-law Kouchner, as well as Netanyahu.

On the visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Iran and his meeting with the Supreme Leader for the Mediation between the two countries, which has been welcomed from the Iranian side, to resume dialogue with Iran’s insistence that America should return to the nuclear agreement again before talking about any new negotiations, because USA violated the agreement, as well as ten other international agreements.

It should be noted that the Iranian-Japanese relations, for those who do not know, are very relevant, as Japan is an importer of Iranian oil, and that the Iranians until recently, were entering Japan without visas, until puting pressure on Japan to issue visas to Iranian citizens to enter Japan.

After the end of the tension, and reaching an agreement between the United States and Iran, ending the state of division, the hawks of the extremists in America with the arms lobby, with the presence of extremists in the Zionist entity headed by Netanyahu, who if he failed to establish an intimate relationship with his wife will accuse Iran, to thwart this agreement – So that continuing milking funds from the Al-Saud and Zayed regimes to maximum, so that there is still a possibility, even a weak one, of striking Iran, or of continuing sanctions to fuel chaos within Iran.

Iran is a democratic state in which elections are held in all political institutions, from local councils, parliament and president to the choice of a leader after the elections to the Assembly of Experts, which is contrary to the regimes of Saudi Arabia and Zayed, as Mr. Heikal said that they are tribal Sheyahats and cannot be classified as political systems.

For the second time, and within a month, beating oil carriers, including one Japanese during the visit of the Japanese Prime Minister to Iran and the other Norwegian in the Sea of Oman, so as to continue the state of tension, and also lead to these things to increase the price of oil unexpectedly so as to upset the budgets of countries disturbed by these increases, especially oil consuming countries.

We would like to point out that the Sea of Oman is very close to the UAE, which since 2016 has a representative office of the Zionist entity undeclared in Abu Dhabi, and colluded its system previously in 2010 in the assassination of a member of the PLO “Al-Mabhouh” in Dubai with Mossad men, Both Israel and the United Arab Emirates are benefiting from this incident.

The United Arab Emirates, as revealed by the al-Otaiba leaks, wants to become the number one state in the region, according to Israeli promises, forcing Saudi Arabia to stay in the Yemeni quagmire and scaring the budgets of the two countries to an estimated $ 1 trillion, amid international embarrassment with UN reports, which confirm the involvement of the Saud and Zayed regime in brutal operations inside Yemen.

There are unfortunately some who linked the incident of the Saudi airport Abha, which was bombed by Houthi, to Iran and do not know that Iran, which exports about 80 thousand or more pilgrims annually, as well as millions of pilgrims estimated value of more than 5 billion dollars to Saudi Arabia.

The pilgrims’ crisis in Riyadh ended after two weeks of negotiations in 2016 for the return of Iranian pilgrims to the Holy Land after Iran announced its boycott in 2015 after more than 400 Iranian pilgrims were killed in Mecca due to gross negligence. As well as the rape of two Iranian children by Saudi security officers at Jeddah airport, in a very famous incident – taking more pledges and privileges for Iranian pilgrims than any of the others – just to remind.

What do I suggest here, why do the Saudi and Emirati regimes refuse to sit down and solve problems with Iran directly and without mediation – is this under American, British and Israeli pressure? If so, they are regimes that do not enjoy sovereignty, and the evidence of that is those foreign bases in the Gulf, which squander billions of dollars from the pocket of the Gulf citizen.

What is happening is also related to the so-called Bahrain conference to finance the deal of the century, so as not to be the top of the media platforms east and west – because it is a shame to agree to participate in such conferences, especially if supported by the Arabs.

Ahmed Moustafa
Director of Asia Center for Studies and Translation
A Member of the CODESRIA and Group of Strategic Vision
Russia and the Islamic world
Mob: +79261536861


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