Expedia Group Media Solutions Launches International Marketing

Campaign with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism





  Egypt is one of the world’s most famous destinations, with so much to offer visitors, from ancient monuments and contemporary art, to pristine deserts and world-class beaches. In August 2019, Expedia Group Media Solutions launched an exciting marketing campaign with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, to showcase the country’s many wonders and reveal Egypt’s unique personality.

Designed to increase booking demand and raise the profile of Egypt in key international markets, the campaign will utilise Expedia Group’s global network of leading travel e-commerce brands and proprietary first party data to inspire, influence and convert travelers during their booking journey.

Campaign messaging will focus on increasing awareness of Egypt as a prime tourism destination, helping raise the profile of Egypt’s various tourism destinations and shedding light on the diversity of the Egyptian people. Messaging will also offer an opportunity to promote key cultural events such as the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum ‘GEM2020’, one of the largest museums in the world.

This messaging will be delivered to Expedia Group’s audience of 144 million unique monthly visitors around the world, through a range of innovative digital products including responsive marquees, native tiles, and PassportAds. The campaign will also use dynamic photographic placements, allowing the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism to display up to three images within an engaging carousel advertisement, helping inspire travel shoppers to interact with campaign assets.

The campaign will run in bursts across 11 points of sale across five countries (Canada, Germany, Italy, U.K. and U.S.A.) between, August 2019 and June 2020.

Myriam Younes, Director, Business Development at Expedia Group Media Solutions: “Egypt has so much to offer visitors and we are thrilled to be working with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism to help meet the goals of its ambitious tourism program. This campaign aims to drive demand in bookings, but more perhaps importantly, it will help raise awareness of Egypt’s amazing regions and diverse people to Expedia Group’s audience of highly engaged, international travel shoppers. We look forward to seeing some positive results from the campaign.”

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