Luxor Expatriot


By: Alvan rigby

Two years ago I retired from my teaching career and had to make a major decision. Where to retire to? Having dual nationality and a reasonable pension I had quite a few options to choose from. My first two priorities were safety and cost of living. So I chose Luxor. Yes you read correctly – Luxor. What? When so many tourists have been deterred from visiting Egypt out of security concerns why would I choose Luxor? Well actually I feel very safe in Luxor, somewhat safer than in my home city of Melbourne in fact. Much safer than say the Philippines. Why? Well I have never been threatened in Luxor, hassled yes but physically threatened never! Not once! Melbourne and other places have a big problem, a meth amphetamine epidemic. These class of drugs turn people into monsters. They have zero empathy for their fellow humans. And yes they frequently terrorise and assault people in Melbourne. There is little acknowledgement of the problem or any action. Luxor, nor Egypt has a meth amphetamine problem. I also feel safe from terrorism in Luxor, bout the same level of risk as Melbourne actually. Eventually it came down to Luxor or Lombok. Beautiful beaches or marvelous monuments? I chose the marvelous monuments

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